Cherry Ice

June 15, 2007

Mothers Birthday Cake

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This year I forgot my moms birthday.  I know its horrible and I should be ashamed BUT I have the worst memeory every I think.  So to make up for my lack of memory I decided to bake her a cake.  At first I thought about making one from scratch, but then I remembered my limited cooking abilities and settled for a box cake and tub icing.  Its the thought that counts right?  So I am all excited and happy thinking ‘wow this is going to be the best cake EVER!’  Once again I believed in myself and my abilites too much.

So I get the cake mix and things home and thank big bro for the ride, of course, and start to make the cake.  Everything go fine and read the box, put in the right ingredients and right amounts, get it in the pan, and then set the timer for it to bake.  So far I haven’t managed to screw anything up…my joy wasn’t long lived.  After the 29 min it had to bake I went to take it out.  It was perfect, golden brown and all smelly good.  So I set it out in the little round pans to cool…when I get my briliant idea.  I decide that this cake will cool a whole lot faster if it weren’t in the hot pans.  Only slightly letting my mind recall not greasing the pan or using wax paper in the bottom like my gram always taught me, I took a knife and took it along the edges of the first pan, got two oven mits, flipped the pan over (you know all showy like on those TV shows lol) and my feeling of how smart and great I was quickly went away after looking at what I had droped out of the pan.  It was most of what to be my pretty round cake.  There was most of the bottom still stuck in the pan and some of the top also.  Then I remebered something my gram had always taught me 1) grease the pan or suffer the concequenses and 2) let it cool for a while before taking it out of the pan.  Both of which I negelcted so you can image the mess that was plopped out infront of me.  Without the means nor the ride to get some more mix I quickly pieced it back together inside the pan.   Later after everything was cold I took the other one out, which camed out better than my last try.  Now my deformed cake is sitting on a plate  with a messed up bottom layer and an only slightly messed up upper layer and I am pretty sure it is leaning to the side.  The icing will hopefull cove up most of my horrible skills….lets just hope one tube is enough ;p!  I will have to take a pic and post it later, right now I must go clean up the mess I did a very good job of making.


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