Cherry Ice

June 7, 2007

The Lake

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Me and Bestest Best Friend went to the lake today to swim.  It was all pretty normal, which is something that is definatly rare when I am around.  We swam, and ate crackers and drank siara mist, and talked about stuff that would make sense to no one but us.  We drove my grandparents golf cart and then went home.  I know, it is very sad that I didn’t have anything better to tell you about, but well I don’t.

Earlier this day I woke up, ate, worked on the comp (worked…yeah haha!), watched movies, ate cheetoes, and did nothing else.  Again it is very sad to realize that today I had no life.  This didn’t finally sink in until I was watching sponge bob, in my (very cute lol) PJ’s, eating a poptart and 3 in the afternoon, and my brother walks by and says ‘Bye, I am heading off to the mall!’  Now I was feeling really left out.  My brother just turned 16 sept. 11 (yes I do realize what day his b-day is on), and got his car for Christmas.  Since then I barely see him between work and other things that he does.  If he isn’t out driving his car, he is working on it, which is happening more because of current gas prices. 

So assuming, as I always do, that he was meeting some of his super cool (again…haha) friends to an awsome day at the mall, I despratly try to get a hold of someone so that they can assure me that I am not friendless and without a social life.  And wouldn’t you know in my hour of need neither Hot Boyfriend, VBBF, or anyone else would answer their phone.  Having already made plans with my Bestest Best Friend (who is indeed my bestest friend in the WHOLE WORLD lol), I got my lazy self up from watching the dumbest movie ever (when a stranger calls), and got my “lake” stuff together and waited for my grandma to come and pick me up.

Now, I have my permit, because I am 15 and by some miracle made it through drivers ed (which is a whole other story that you will probably hear about soon enough).  But here is the catch: I am scared to drive.  Ok laugh, laugh it up, but these people are SCARY and I am totally convinced that I am going to get in a wreck and die, or worse yet, kill someone else.  As a result I drive as FAR to the edge of the road as humanly possible, which my dad keeps reminding me is not good, but I don’t care its my SAFE PLACE.  I have only driven twice, and the funniest part of it all is my most favorite part of driving is MERGING.  Ok yes I am weird, but we can focus on my weirdness later, right now we are talking about the lake.

And now we are done talking about the lake.  See, that much happend, thats why I went off subject about 3 or 4 times, ANYWAY I am sure you have better things to do than read about what was a total waste of my day and what is turning into a total waste of your time.


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