Cherry Ice

June 6, 2007

Walmart Hysteria

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Well I remembered that the DDR event wasn’t all that happed today, and since I am bored I shall share this story with you also. 

Well my grandma thought it would be nice if she asked me to go to walmart with her, so I decided to go because we were getting Wendy’s after and another corn dog didn’t sound that good.

So when we got there there were no parking spaces except in the VERY back of the lot.  So was got, no kidding, a parking spot so far away walmart was about the size of a flea.  So we started our walk to the front doors.  After walking what had to be about a mile in 98 (F) degree weather I thought I was going to die.

We had to get a graduation card for a girl at our church who just graduated from high school.  So of course I headed straight for the funny ones. the first one I picked up said ‘Graduating and taking a dump are alot alike, both take alot of work and…’  Ok, so the card had my attention I picked it up and flipped it open and BUSTED out laughing.  I was rolling on the floor in the middle of the walmart card isle with everyone in a 20ft radius staring at me as if I had just escaped from the zoo.  So just what did the inside of this so-very-hilarious card say? well it said ‘…in the end you still reach for a rolled up piece of paper.’   So it isn’t SOOO funny, but at the time still in a daze from the heat and starting to think I was hillucinating it was VERY VERY VERY funny.


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