Cherry Ice

June 6, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution!

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Well since nothing really happened today this post will be short, just about the only thing that happened started when my friend came over and noticed that I had gotten a new Dance Dance Revolution (my dog had so nicely peed on the last one @_@)

So now happy that she was finally able to beat me at a game again she took up the challenge.  Not only did I win, but she took the most embarassing fall ever.  Naturally there is nothing funnier than someone hurting themselves (as long as it isn’t serious of course) and be humilated.

It all started normally enough, she was kicking my butt and I was trying my hardest to beat her.  Well where I have it set up it is inbetween my dresser and bed.  It is just enough room for the pad to fit and to perform the moves that it requires you to do, nothing more.

 As she always does she started pulling different moves and forgetting my dresser was there (its one of the tall slim ones) she turned to the side and did this weird flippy thing, and knocked her head and then knee against my dress, fell back, bounced off of my bed, and landed on the floor. 

Now of course me being the great friend I am, choked out an ‘are you ok’ and after seeing her nod I busted out laughing.  What she didn’t know is the camera that is connected to my computer (i forget what you call those things) was on and someone was on the other end, I didn’t even know this and we heard someone else laughing, not only was I surprised to see my friend Bob on the other end but when I turned her face was the redest red you have ever seen in your life, and of course this only made me laugh that much harder.

Maybe this doesn’t sound so funny, and maybe you had to be there, but either way I thought it was hilarious! 


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