Cherry Ice

June 5, 2007


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Ok, so where was I…Oh ok…

So after I finally get myself under control I walk over and try to talk to the man still screaming at the top of his lungs, but when nothing seems to work Very Hot Boyfriends seems to think if we throw something at him maybe he will shut up.  So with the manager still on the floor and Very Hot Boyfriend armed with a paper cup whose contents are now all over the floor, walks up to the guy and throws it.  This had to opposite effect and he started to lunge at Very Hot Boyfriend.  Thankfully the quick thinking manager grabs his foot and pulls him down to land beside him in the sticky puddle of soda.  So you can, again, image the situation and how funny this must have looked to all the bystanders.  The second the man noticed that he was no longer standing he became very quite, and so did everyone else.  Until the Loud Guy starts laughing. Yes. Laughing.  The poor guy who started it all still had this look on his face of complete confusion and didn’t seem to have a clue about what was going on around him.

 After everything was resolved and everything cleaned up the guy apologized and everything went back to normal in the world of the mall.  A pretty disappointing ending to such an adventure, don’t you think?

So as soon as I got home I realized that I had a “blog story” as Very Hot Boyfriend calls it, I began writing.  I hope that this has entertained you and I am sorry to say that it is over and now you need to go do what you should have been doing before you started reading this :).


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