Cherry Ice

June 5, 2007


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Because I am beyound bored at this moment I guess I can take a little bit more time to tell you about the concert that I went to last night.

First of all I have NO CLUE who the band was, but knowing that my friends were going and it was bound to be yet another adventure I decided to go anyway.  Well the band was horrible in the they-really-can’t-play-and-are-really-out-of -tune-and-giving-me-a-headache sort of way.  My friends seemed to share my feelings and we went to get some snacks.

 So we are sitting there eating our snacks watch Very Brave (Best Friends) Boyfriend trying to slide down the stair rail in tennis shoes.  Which was even more entertaining when he fell and was down for the count curled into a ball, and you can only guess what he landed on.  To busy laughing at his pain to really care about it at the moment, a security gaurd walks by and asks us what is so funny, when he sees our friend rolling on the ground in pain and sees Very Hot Boyfriend pointing to the rail trying to explain what happend, he suddenly gets it and starts laughing too.  So the poor guy finally recovered and sat back down to finish his nachos.

I don’t think he will ever live that down, because that is not the first time this has happened, more like the 10th.


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