Cherry Ice

June 4, 2007


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Today was my first day off of school and I had planned to spend it sleeping in late, watching movies, eating junk, and more sleeping after calling all my friends (who are still in school) rubing it in that I am exempt from all of my EOC’s.  This is how it actually went…

At about 5 in the morning my boyfriend calls and tells me that he is going to the mall with a bunch of his baseball teammates and he wants me to go.  Great.  So there goes my sleeping in plan.  Knowing that if I didn’t go he would think me a “coward” for not wanting to hang with the “guys” and complain when he has to hang with the “girls”.  So a few min later I found myself calling in reinforcements, you got it Very Brave Best Friend. 

Now at the mall and sitting on the very comforatable benches (haha…right) watching the guys playing games in the arcade.  I wanted to play but VBBF doesn’t like crowded places, which this very much was, so in an attempt to be a good friend I sat beside her and watched them having all the fun.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get more boring and I would die if I had to sit there another moment one of Very Hot Boyfriends friends fell created a very nice chain reaction, which went something like this:  He fell into the back of a game machine >> which fell forward >> which hit a table flipping the food/drink sitting on top flying >> which hit the wall and reminded me much of the good I had to scrape off a celing only yesturday >> then a guy slipped, yup you guessed it on the spilled drink!  Now VHB’s friend is standing up and just realizing that he has created a scene, a BIG one.  The man stands up and starts blessing him out, the manager comes over to try to “break” it up when, the spilled drink again forgotten, took another victim. 

 You can image me and VBBF’s state at this point.  I was laughing so hard there was no sound, I was crying and we were both on the floor clutching our stomachs.  Natually this state of hysteria drew more attention to the pile of fallen victims of the spilled drink sprawled all over the floor, a game machine and table on its side and a very red-faced manager and the customer still coming up with insults to hurl at the poor guy who was standing there with a look of utter confusion on his face.

I will stop here and finish later because I have a concert to get to and a bunch of friends waiting.


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