Cherry Ice

June 3, 2007

Babysitting Terrors

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I recently got the nerve up to start babysitting again.  So prepared for the worst, along with a very brave best friend, I faced 3 kids now commonly known to the both of us at the Tri-Terrors. 

The evening began normally enough, their mother went through an extremely long list of about a thousand emergency numbers, that I either already knew or had programed in my every handy cell phone (as any good babysitter would), and just about when I thought the mother was about to re-certify me in CPR her husband quite literally dragged her out of the house.  So now me and my Very Brave Best Friend we left with the Tri-Terrors.  Since this was my first time back in the babysitting gig since our move, I decided to be uncommonly nice and make waffles with the kids for dinner (despite their mothers long and boring instructions for their highly healthy dinner plans) and was satisfied to see the kids light up when they heard it would be waffles and whipped cream instead of green beans and other slimy greens.

 This massive sugar overload was greatly regreated come bedtime.  Forgetting how kids could get so hyped up on sugar and insist on not sleeping.  So I am not sure why I was surprised to be in the middle of Dawn of the Dead (not exactly a movie for 2nd graders) and hear little feet coming down the stairs.  Immediately regreting ever letting Very Brave Best Friend go to that concert with her boyfriend and leave me to fend for my self against the Tri-Terrors, I went to meet them on their way down. 

“Where do you guys think you are going?”  I asked in the best I-really-don’t-want-to-read-you-another-extremely-long-bedtime-story I could.  The reply was one getting the sudden idea to dart past me, the other hot on the trail.  I ran after them, still a bit dazed from my half-sleep state infront of the TV, and gracefully ran into the wall, which was greeted by 3 little kids laughing.

So rubbing my head I walk into the kitchen and in my best I-am-in-carge-here voice I demand them back to bed.  Still in my half-asleep-I-just-hit-my-head-and-probably-have-a-concusion state I failed to notice every sugary snack known to make thrown about everywhere and most of it on their faces.

With one of those lurching feelings that you get when your about to plunge over the first hill of a very high roller coaster I heard a key being insterted into the lock on the door and turned.  I held my breath and walked to the door to meet the poor unknowing parents, only to see Very Brave Best Friend holding a spare key and standing with her boyfriend.  MY SAVIOURS!  She explained how she felt bad about leaving me and had convinced Very Brave Boyfriend to come along to help. 

 We quickly got the kitchen cleaned up, whey Very Brave Boyfriend was playing with the kids.  We were just finishing when we heard him call us.  We walk into the room to find Very Brave Boyfriend pinned under a mob of 2nd graders all on a sugar high.  As we tried to pull them off to stop their attack on his head, to our horror, we noticed something was dripping from the celing.  No longer worried about Very Brave Boyfriend we looked up to see the ooze stuff you get in the cans as walmart and other such places stuck to the celing.  No longer amused by the hyper Tri-Terrors we took them upstairs and put on a barney tape, put them to bed and blocked their door to prevent furthur exsape.

After the ooze had been cleaned from the celing we went up to check on them, to find the room a wreck (which again we cleaned) and them sleeping peacefully one on top of the other on the floor.  We left them there for fear of waking them up again and quitely went back downstairs to await the arival of Unknowing Parents. 

I still babysit for them and will probably have more equally amusing (yeah right) adventures to share with you, but for right now all I can say is there will be no more sugar when I am there!


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