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June 15, 2007

Mothers Birthday Cake

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This year I forgot my moms birthday.  I know its horrible and I should be ashamed BUT I have the worst memeory every I think.  So to make up for my lack of memory I decided to bake her a cake.  At first I thought about making one from scratch, but then I remembered my limited cooking abilities and settled for a box cake and tub icing.  Its the thought that counts right?  So I am all excited and happy thinking ‘wow this is going to be the best cake EVER!’  Once again I believed in myself and my abilites too much.

So I get the cake mix and things home and thank big bro for the ride, of course, and start to make the cake.  Everything go fine and read the box, put in the right ingredients and right amounts, get it in the pan, and then set the timer for it to bake.  So far I haven’t managed to screw anything up…my joy wasn’t long lived.  After the 29 min it had to bake I went to take it out.  It was perfect, golden brown and all smelly good.  So I set it out in the little round pans to cool…when I get my briliant idea.  I decide that this cake will cool a whole lot faster if it weren’t in the hot pans.  Only slightly letting my mind recall not greasing the pan or using wax paper in the bottom like my gram always taught me, I took a knife and took it along the edges of the first pan, got two oven mits, flipped the pan over (you know all showy like on those TV shows lol) and my feeling of how smart and great I was quickly went away after looking at what I had droped out of the pan.  It was most of what to be my pretty round cake.  There was most of the bottom still stuck in the pan and some of the top also.  Then I remebered something my gram had always taught me 1) grease the pan or suffer the concequenses and 2) let it cool for a while before taking it out of the pan.  Both of which I negelcted so you can image the mess that was plopped out infront of me.  Without the means nor the ride to get some more mix I quickly pieced it back together inside the pan.   Later after everything was cold I took the other one out, which camed out better than my last try.  Now my deformed cake is sitting on a plate  with a messed up bottom layer and an only slightly messed up upper layer and I am pretty sure it is leaning to the side.  The icing will hopefull cove up most of my horrible skills….lets just hope one tube is enough ;p!  I will have to take a pic and post it later, right now I must go clean up the mess I did a very good job of making.


June 7, 2007

The Lake

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Me and Bestest Best Friend went to the lake today to swim.  It was all pretty normal, which is something that is definatly rare when I am around.  We swam, and ate crackers and drank siara mist, and talked about stuff that would make sense to no one but us.  We drove my grandparents golf cart and then went home.  I know, it is very sad that I didn’t have anything better to tell you about, but well I don’t.

Earlier this day I woke up, ate, worked on the comp (worked…yeah haha!), watched movies, ate cheetoes, and did nothing else.  Again it is very sad to realize that today I had no life.  This didn’t finally sink in until I was watching sponge bob, in my (very cute lol) PJ’s, eating a poptart and 3 in the afternoon, and my brother walks by and says ‘Bye, I am heading off to the mall!’  Now I was feeling really left out.  My brother just turned 16 sept. 11 (yes I do realize what day his b-day is on), and got his car for Christmas.  Since then I barely see him between work and other things that he does.  If he isn’t out driving his car, he is working on it, which is happening more because of current gas prices. 

So assuming, as I always do, that he was meeting some of his super cool (again…haha) friends to an awsome day at the mall, I despratly try to get a hold of someone so that they can assure me that I am not friendless and without a social life.  And wouldn’t you know in my hour of need neither Hot Boyfriend, VBBF, or anyone else would answer their phone.  Having already made plans with my Bestest Best Friend (who is indeed my bestest friend in the WHOLE WORLD lol), I got my lazy self up from watching the dumbest movie ever (when a stranger calls), and got my “lake” stuff together and waited for my grandma to come and pick me up.

Now, I have my permit, because I am 15 and by some miracle made it through drivers ed (which is a whole other story that you will probably hear about soon enough).  But here is the catch: I am scared to drive.  Ok laugh, laugh it up, but these people are SCARY and I am totally convinced that I am going to get in a wreck and die, or worse yet, kill someone else.  As a result I drive as FAR to the edge of the road as humanly possible, which my dad keeps reminding me is not good, but I don’t care its my SAFE PLACE.  I have only driven twice, and the funniest part of it all is my most favorite part of driving is MERGING.  Ok yes I am weird, but we can focus on my weirdness later, right now we are talking about the lake.

And now we are done talking about the lake.  See, that much happend, thats why I went off subject about 3 or 4 times, ANYWAY I am sure you have better things to do than read about what was a total waste of my day and what is turning into a total waste of your time.

June 6, 2007

Walmart Hysteria

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Well I remembered that the DDR event wasn’t all that happed today, and since I am bored I shall share this story with you also. 

Well my grandma thought it would be nice if she asked me to go to walmart with her, so I decided to go because we were getting Wendy’s after and another corn dog didn’t sound that good.

So when we got there there were no parking spaces except in the VERY back of the lot.  So was got, no kidding, a parking spot so far away walmart was about the size of a flea.  So we started our walk to the front doors.  After walking what had to be about a mile in 98 (F) degree weather I thought I was going to die.

We had to get a graduation card for a girl at our church who just graduated from high school.  So of course I headed straight for the funny ones. the first one I picked up said ‘Graduating and taking a dump are alot alike, both take alot of work and…’  Ok, so the card had my attention I picked it up and flipped it open and BUSTED out laughing.  I was rolling on the floor in the middle of the walmart card isle with everyone in a 20ft radius staring at me as if I had just escaped from the zoo.  So just what did the inside of this so-very-hilarious card say? well it said ‘…in the end you still reach for a rolled up piece of paper.’   So it isn’t SOOO funny, but at the time still in a daze from the heat and starting to think I was hillucinating it was VERY VERY VERY funny.

Dance Dance Revolution!

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Well since nothing really happened today this post will be short, just about the only thing that happened started when my friend came over and noticed that I had gotten a new Dance Dance Revolution (my dog had so nicely peed on the last one @_@)

So now happy that she was finally able to beat me at a game again she took up the challenge.  Not only did I win, but she took the most embarassing fall ever.  Naturally there is nothing funnier than someone hurting themselves (as long as it isn’t serious of course) and be humilated.

It all started normally enough, she was kicking my butt and I was trying my hardest to beat her.  Well where I have it set up it is inbetween my dresser and bed.  It is just enough room for the pad to fit and to perform the moves that it requires you to do, nothing more.

 As she always does she started pulling different moves and forgetting my dresser was there (its one of the tall slim ones) she turned to the side and did this weird flippy thing, and knocked her head and then knee against my dress, fell back, bounced off of my bed, and landed on the floor. 

Now of course me being the great friend I am, choked out an ‘are you ok’ and after seeing her nod I busted out laughing.  What she didn’t know is the camera that is connected to my computer (i forget what you call those things) was on and someone was on the other end, I didn’t even know this and we heard someone else laughing, not only was I surprised to see my friend Bob on the other end but when I turned her face was the redest red you have ever seen in your life, and of course this only made me laugh that much harder.

Maybe this doesn’t sound so funny, and maybe you had to be there, but either way I thought it was hilarious! 

June 5, 2007


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Because I am beyound bored at this moment I guess I can take a little bit more time to tell you about the concert that I went to last night.

First of all I have NO CLUE who the band was, but knowing that my friends were going and it was bound to be yet another adventure I decided to go anyway.  Well the band was horrible in the they-really-can’t-play-and-are-really-out-of -tune-and-giving-me-a-headache sort of way.  My friends seemed to share my feelings and we went to get some snacks.

 So we are sitting there eating our snacks watch Very Brave (Best Friends) Boyfriend trying to slide down the stair rail in tennis shoes.  Which was even more entertaining when he fell and was down for the count curled into a ball, and you can only guess what he landed on.  To busy laughing at his pain to really care about it at the moment, a security gaurd walks by and asks us what is so funny, when he sees our friend rolling on the ground in pain and sees Very Hot Boyfriend pointing to the rail trying to explain what happend, he suddenly gets it and starts laughing too.  So the poor guy finally recovered and sat back down to finish his nachos.

I don’t think he will ever live that down, because that is not the first time this has happened, more like the 10th.


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Ok, so where was I…Oh ok…

So after I finally get myself under control I walk over and try to talk to the man still screaming at the top of his lungs, but when nothing seems to work Very Hot Boyfriends seems to think if we throw something at him maybe he will shut up.  So with the manager still on the floor and Very Hot Boyfriend armed with a paper cup whose contents are now all over the floor, walks up to the guy and throws it.  This had to opposite effect and he started to lunge at Very Hot Boyfriend.  Thankfully the quick thinking manager grabs his foot and pulls him down to land beside him in the sticky puddle of soda.  So you can, again, image the situation and how funny this must have looked to all the bystanders.  The second the man noticed that he was no longer standing he became very quite, and so did everyone else.  Until the Loud Guy starts laughing. Yes. Laughing.  The poor guy who started it all still had this look on his face of complete confusion and didn’t seem to have a clue about what was going on around him.

 After everything was resolved and everything cleaned up the guy apologized and everything went back to normal in the world of the mall.  A pretty disappointing ending to such an adventure, don’t you think?

So as soon as I got home I realized that I had a “blog story” as Very Hot Boyfriend calls it, I began writing.  I hope that this has entertained you and I am sorry to say that it is over and now you need to go do what you should have been doing before you started reading this :).

June 4, 2007


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Today was my first day off of school and I had planned to spend it sleeping in late, watching movies, eating junk, and more sleeping after calling all my friends (who are still in school) rubing it in that I am exempt from all of my EOC’s.  This is how it actually went…

At about 5 in the morning my boyfriend calls and tells me that he is going to the mall with a bunch of his baseball teammates and he wants me to go.  Great.  So there goes my sleeping in plan.  Knowing that if I didn’t go he would think me a “coward” for not wanting to hang with the “guys” and complain when he has to hang with the “girls”.  So a few min later I found myself calling in reinforcements, you got it Very Brave Best Friend. 

Now at the mall and sitting on the very comforatable benches (haha…right) watching the guys playing games in the arcade.  I wanted to play but VBBF doesn’t like crowded places, which this very much was, so in an attempt to be a good friend I sat beside her and watched them having all the fun.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get more boring and I would die if I had to sit there another moment one of Very Hot Boyfriends friends fell created a very nice chain reaction, which went something like this:  He fell into the back of a game machine >> which fell forward >> which hit a table flipping the food/drink sitting on top flying >> which hit the wall and reminded me much of the good I had to scrape off a celing only yesturday >> then a guy slipped, yup you guessed it on the spilled drink!  Now VHB’s friend is standing up and just realizing that he has created a scene, a BIG one.  The man stands up and starts blessing him out, the manager comes over to try to “break” it up when, the spilled drink again forgotten, took another victim. 

 You can image me and VBBF’s state at this point.  I was laughing so hard there was no sound, I was crying and we were both on the floor clutching our stomachs.  Natually this state of hysteria drew more attention to the pile of fallen victims of the spilled drink sprawled all over the floor, a game machine and table on its side and a very red-faced manager and the customer still coming up with insults to hurl at the poor guy who was standing there with a look of utter confusion on his face.

I will stop here and finish later because I have a concert to get to and a bunch of friends waiting.

June 3, 2007

Babysitting Terrors

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I recently got the nerve up to start babysitting again.  So prepared for the worst, along with a very brave best friend, I faced 3 kids now commonly known to the both of us at the Tri-Terrors. 

The evening began normally enough, their mother went through an extremely long list of about a thousand emergency numbers, that I either already knew or had programed in my every handy cell phone (as any good babysitter would), and just about when I thought the mother was about to re-certify me in CPR her husband quite literally dragged her out of the house.  So now me and my Very Brave Best Friend we left with the Tri-Terrors.  Since this was my first time back in the babysitting gig since our move, I decided to be uncommonly nice and make waffles with the kids for dinner (despite their mothers long and boring instructions for their highly healthy dinner plans) and was satisfied to see the kids light up when they heard it would be waffles and whipped cream instead of green beans and other slimy greens.

 This massive sugar overload was greatly regreated come bedtime.  Forgetting how kids could get so hyped up on sugar and insist on not sleeping.  So I am not sure why I was surprised to be in the middle of Dawn of the Dead (not exactly a movie for 2nd graders) and hear little feet coming down the stairs.  Immediately regreting ever letting Very Brave Best Friend go to that concert with her boyfriend and leave me to fend for my self against the Tri-Terrors, I went to meet them on their way down. 

“Where do you guys think you are going?”  I asked in the best I-really-don’t-want-to-read-you-another-extremely-long-bedtime-story I could.  The reply was one getting the sudden idea to dart past me, the other hot on the trail.  I ran after them, still a bit dazed from my half-sleep state infront of the TV, and gracefully ran into the wall, which was greeted by 3 little kids laughing.

So rubbing my head I walk into the kitchen and in my best I-am-in-carge-here voice I demand them back to bed.  Still in my half-asleep-I-just-hit-my-head-and-probably-have-a-concusion state I failed to notice every sugary snack known to make thrown about everywhere and most of it on their faces.

With one of those lurching feelings that you get when your about to plunge over the first hill of a very high roller coaster I heard a key being insterted into the lock on the door and turned.  I held my breath and walked to the door to meet the poor unknowing parents, only to see Very Brave Best Friend holding a spare key and standing with her boyfriend.  MY SAVIOURS!  She explained how she felt bad about leaving me and had convinced Very Brave Boyfriend to come along to help. 

 We quickly got the kitchen cleaned up, whey Very Brave Boyfriend was playing with the kids.  We were just finishing when we heard him call us.  We walk into the room to find Very Brave Boyfriend pinned under a mob of 2nd graders all on a sugar high.  As we tried to pull them off to stop their attack on his head, to our horror, we noticed something was dripping from the celing.  No longer worried about Very Brave Boyfriend we looked up to see the ooze stuff you get in the cans as walmart and other such places stuck to the celing.  No longer amused by the hyper Tri-Terrors we took them upstairs and put on a barney tape, put them to bed and blocked their door to prevent furthur exsape.

After the ooze had been cleaned from the celing we went up to check on them, to find the room a wreck (which again we cleaned) and them sleeping peacefully one on top of the other on the floor.  We left them there for fear of waking them up again and quitely went back downstairs to await the arival of Unknowing Parents. 

I still babysit for them and will probably have more equally amusing (yeah right) adventures to share with you, but for right now all I can say is there will be no more sugar when I am there!

April 26, 2007

About Cherry Ice

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Lets answer a few questions before I actually start to post.

This blog is about everyday events that happen in my everyday life, and my view on them.  If you are looking for a stimulating conversation I can almost assure you that you will not find such a thing here.  This is a blog of a teenage girl/high school student with nothing better to do, so I can’t promise much.  I have no clue why I called this blog Cherry Ice, but if you really want it to have a history make something up, this may also help to entertain you for awhile.  I don’t make any of these events up and I don’t exagerate them, I just tell them to you the same way I would a stranger on the street.  These things actually happened to me, or people I know, the people in here are real, no names will ever be used and you will never know who I am or where I live or what school I go to, so I could very well be talking about you, so I would be careful when you laugh, you could be laughing at your own self…think about that.

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